Thanks To Text Messaging, Bad Behavior Among Business Contacts Is On The Rise
The way we communicate is changing drastically especially in the way we conduct business. From sliding in DMs with business proposals to texting someone you met at brunch about a job opportunity, business communication is moving away from our inboxes and instantly creating access through text messages and social media accounts. Business text messaging has increased so much so that 70 percent of American workers who were surveyed said that some of their business matters have moved from email to text in the last five years, according to the mobile app Burner. While business communication is increasing via text, 62 percent of women are still skeptical about sharing their personal number according to Burner. The results from the survey showed that business communication through text is creating challenges for women through stressful and uncomfortable encounters. Burner surveyed American working women and men, and the results showed that 11 percent of women had received an inappropriate text message from a business contact. Not only are people mixing business with inappropriate behavior but they are also taking advantage of a woman’s time off the clock. Thirty percent of women have received a text at an inopportune time from a business contact. Now your text messages are no longer saved for group texts about what’s trending on Twitter. Now it’s starting to fill up with work tasks with 51% of women that it’s stressful when information and tasks get piled up in their text-message inbox. The instant access people get from texting is one of the reasons why Burner is helpful for people who want to take control of their privacy, by creating new phone numbers to use for business purpose. How do you separate business from your personal life when using text messaging?

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