Tanisha’s Tips: Six Dos and Don’ts to Follow at This Year’s Holiday Party
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Oh, how I love the holiday. Good food, good drinks and the best parties, ever! Yes ladies, it’s time to whip out the little Black dress, the scrappy stilettos and the cute, little clutch holding court at the top of your closet. As the Holiday Party nears, here is my list of six Do’s and Don’ts to help you manage yourself accordingly while having a good time.

DO arrive on time. It’s fine to make an entrance, but showing up an hour and a half late to the soiree is just plain tacky. Get there early enough to get a good seat next to someone who will make you laugh all night.

DON’T get drunk. There, I said it. I’ve seen people spit, slobber, fall up steps and fall flat in the floor because they thought they could “let loose.” My rule is two drinks (three on a good night with the hubby in tow). If you can’t hold an intelligent conversation with your CEO, then you’ve gone too far.

DO mix and mingle. For the love of all that is good, meet at least five new people on this night. Find out who they are, what they do and what they enjoy about their job. It’s okay to open up about your love of sports, your family and the fact that you run a nonprofit. Staying in the corner with your friends all night makes you appear isolated and uninterested.

DON’T wear your hoochie gear. It’s funny, but in all seriousness, be a lady. If your dress is hugging you in all the right places from all of those spinning classes, do you boo! If you’re pulling, tugging and constantly pushing anything back in, it’s too damn tight and it’s too damn small. Err on the side of sexy, classy, chic and wear some heels you can (comfortably) strut in. Everyone, not just your bosses, is watching.

DO be gracious during the gift exchange. At my old job, we had Secret Santa. One year, I received a gift that came in a Coach Bag. I said Yes! At the very least it had to be a gift card or a nice key chain. After all, it was from a senior-level player. You know what his cheap ass got me? A Caribbean island photo that was glued to a Dollar Store picture frame. Now that’s cheap. Of course, I said thank you and kept it moving, but it was hurtful to know that giving me a gift meant nothing more than a dusty, old postcard from his nightstand. When in doubt people, get a gift card.

DON’T get on the pole. Yep, seen it, but of course, didn’t partake. Tables, poles, stages, bar tops, etc. are not meant for you to get your dance on at the office party. Save that for a night out with your girls. Remember, this is a company function, so your reputation is depending on you.

With these rules in tow, eat, drink and be merry. You deserve it!

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