So this question comes straight from my Formspring account. Lawd knows I haven’t chatted with my peeps in a minute, but it’s safe to say, many of the career conundrums that they face still apply and may very well help you with your own. So here goes my best advice. When applying for a new job it’s best to only apply for one job at a time. Why? Because as a manager, if I see your name on more than one application, I’m thinking:

(a) She doesn’t know what she really wants to do.
(b) She thinks applying for more than one job will increase her chances of getting to the next round.
(c) She’s desperate. That’s right, I said it because truthfully that’s the first thing we think, although no one will ever admit to it.

I don’t really blame you for even thinking this is an option because it’s difficult to land a full-time, decent-paying job with benefits. If you really think you’re qualified for both positions, there’s a better strategy. Tailor your resume to include the skills sets that are necessary for both jobs. How? Look at each job description. What are the top 3 qualities that each candidate should have, what kind of education is necessary, how much experience is required?

After you have assessed that you are right for the position, incorporate the answers (and the corresponding buzzwords) into your resume. Make sure to not only qualify your skill set, but quantify them as well. Ideal candidates send in resumes that are succinct, well-written, and ripe with accomplishments. If you need help with your resume, try the ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe 16, available on It offers professional resumes that you can use as a guide. If you’re really interested in the company, see if you can have coffee with members of the staff, go to a company mixer or sign up for Google alerts on the company. That way, you’ll stay connected without applying for random positions.

Good luck!