We all have basic needs to survive or as Abraham Maslow defines, “our physiological needs.” With shelter being on this list, housing is an important factor with all. As work continues to evolve, our American housing system has remained somewhat stagnant. If you don’t have a typical 9-5, finding housing to rent can prove difficult. Individuals who are a part of the gig economy or engage in contract work can find it harder to secure an apartment. It can also be difficult if you are an international student, a full time student, someone with short work history, if you’ve been evicted in the past, bankruptcy, or have inconsistent income. 

Many buildings require at least 40 times the rent in income, good credit, stable employment, and a good rental history. These buildings often want renters to have a full time job and 1099’s or inconsistent income can be an unfortunate turn off for landlords. This can make it difficult, particularly during a pandemic when many people are between jobs or taking on new forms of work. Nevertheless, these are still ways you can successfully rent an apartment. Keep reading for four ways: