Like so many twenty-somethings heading full throttle into adulthood, entrepreneur Reese Evans entered a phase in her life where everything seemed so…negative. She was stuck working in retail and found her job search to last longer than expected.

“I was waking up in the morning just saying I hate my job. I hated clothes. I don’t like how I look. Everything was just focused on what I didn’t want,” she explained. She was not working in jobs that she felt respected her, Evans was not getting paid enough, and she was overworked.

She had that nagging feeling that anyone is bound to experience when unsatisfied about where they are in life. It’s also a familiar feeling for so many of us entering the workforce and stepping into adulthood for the first time.

“It was a reflection of what was happening in my inside world,” said Evans about all that negativity she felt in her twenties.

The thoughts Evans harbored, in her “inside world” were self-sabotaging, particularly the idea that she was never good enough. The worst part? They played on repeat, like a broken record, in her mind and ultimately impacted how she felt about her career and relationships. “I had that thought, and my actions reflected that,” Evans shared.

She wondered where her negative thoughts were stemming from, and after having her first hypnosis session, she learned that her anxiety and fear around money and meeting new people came from her childhood and it was showing up in adulthood. “I was afraid to talk about money, afraid to ask for a raise, and not seeing my worth,” she said.

The childhood experience of seeing her parents argue about child support translated in adulthood as “actually having the belief, if I talk about money or ask for money, people will hate me…I feared asking for a raise because I thought I would get fired,” Evans said.

Evans, who teaches hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (emotional freedom techniques) shared that between the ages of zero to seven we are almost in a state of hypnosis because our conscious mind isn’t developed yet. “Everything that’s going on in our environment, we actually soak in,” she explained.

A Pathway To Change

Is Fear Bringing Your Life And Career Down? Maybe Hypnosis Is The Answer

To overcome the obstacles around money and her confidence when meeting new people, she realized she needed to change her mindset. “I was thinking no one’s going to like me. Then I showed up [withdrawn], feeling awkward, and obviously not being as inviting. I got the outcome that I was most afraid of, making my fear a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she said.

The first thing Evans did to change her negative mindset was to start asking herself: does this thought line up to the person who it is that I want to be?

If the answer was no, she would think of what the opposite of that thought would be and decide to move forward believing in just that. “I recognize that I am not my thoughts. I’m the thinker of my thoughts, and I am in control, and I get to decide which thoughts I lead my life based on,” Evans affirmed.

Now she has turned her techniques for overcoming negativity into her company, Yes Supply. “I called my company, Yes Supply because I want people to get clear on what would they ask for if they knew the answer was going to be yes,” she said.

Yes Supply includes a membership site with content where you can sign up for morning affirmations. Evans also has the Yes Supply Method Coaching Certification guiding people and teaching them how to become coaches and teaching them advanced mindsets skills. Her business idea came during her job search when she decided to write down in her journal what her life and career would look like if she could have exactly the way that she wanted. Yes Supply started as a blog featuring interviews from people who created their yes. The positive feedback from readers lead her to create a membership site, and now she’s coaching.

Her journey from a stressful job search to manifesting the life she wanted by reprogramming her mind to be positive and grateful helped Evans take back ownership of her life. “Life was never meant to be a struggle. Life was meant for us to enjoy it and if there are things that we want to have we should be able to attract them with ease,” Evans shared.