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Blavity's CEO Morgan DeBaun Gives Lessons On Leveling Up

"I was first employee. I was first investor, first founder," Blavity Founder and CEO Morgan DeBaun said.
Blavity’s CEO Morgan DeBaun Gives Lessons On Leveling Up
Photo courtesy @morgandebaun / Instagram

In the latest episode of UnBossed Podcast, host and Work & Money editor Marquita Harris, chatted with Blavity co-founder and CEO Morgan DeBaun gave an inspiring crash course on “leveling up” when it comes to your dreams.

In episode four, DeBaun discusses her decision to hustle through her 20s so she could better manage her future and how Blavity came into fruition.

The 29-year-old boss also revealed that she’s been a hustler since 13 years-old by making investments in Apple and Facebook stock. Though, despite her money saving skills and investment portfolio, DeBaun continued to live well under her means throughout her twenties.

While working at her day job, she saved every penny until she could afford to live on her own in San Francisco while also investing time and money in Blavity.

“When you quit your job to start a company, not only are you paying for your expenses, you’re also paying for the expenses of the company,” she said.

DeBaun attended Washington University in St. Louis with her three Blavity co-founders Jonathan Jackson, Aaron Samuels, and Jeff Nelson. DeBaun said the Black community at Washington University was close-knit.

To learn more about Morgan DeBaun’s journey, how the term Blavity was coined and how much money DeBaun needed to launch a media business, check out the podcast episode below.