Cannabis Is Ripe For Building Black Wealth, Says Mary Pryor
Erica Jones (@ericalovejones)

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Cannabis may be the last great gold rush on whose ground floor Black people begin to build generational wealth. But if you’re looking to make millions straightaway, Cannaclusive cofounder Mary Pryor has some news for you.

“This is not an immediate cash out business,” she told UnBossed Podcast host, Marquita Harris. “If you’re going in here thinking, “Yo, I’m about to be balling out of control in six months to a year” That’s not how this works.”

Pryor, who is also the chief marketing officer of TONIC CBD, an engineer, an advertising aficionado, and a tech and digital strategist knows all too well the risks and opportunities present in the cannabis space. And she’s using her voice, experiences, and platform to widen that space for Black people.

Her digital platform, Cannaclusive, boasts cannabis imagery and education for the masses. Pryor founded the platform with friends, Tonya Rapley and Charlese Antoinette after realizing that there were too few Black people present in the cannabis space. They also noticed that imagery of Black people engaging with cannbis products on the internet was nothing but stereotypical. So, they created Cannaclusive to widen access to the bud business and to make space for accurate, realistic visuals of cannabis use amongst people of color.

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Pryor encourages Black people to find ways to get into cannabis while supporting those who are already creating quality and sustainable products in the industry.

You have to be really aware of the risk and you have to also think about from an ancillary side, you can bring something into this space that you already do. If you see edibles as a market, support someone who’s making edibles and give them that money.

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