There’s no escaping the internet’s favorite buzzword: “metaverse.” The concept makes many feel similar to what people experienced in the 80s when the internet was on the horizon–confused but still braced for its takeover. According to a new report, industry professionals also don’t have a full grasp of the concept and want to know how that will affect the landscape.’s survey findings revealed that despite 50% of the surveyed marketers said they believe the metaverse will benefit marketing, 60% of our respondents admitted they don’t know the metaverse very well or at all, but plan to launch metaverse marketing strategies this year anyway. 

The survey included responses from 800 marketing professionals who were asked about their level of knowledge of the metaverse and its many concepts as well as how it will be used in their future marketing strategies. 

For example, more than 1 in 5 marketers plan to host or attend a VR event in 2022, and also believe it’s important to be involved with Web 3 for future marketing strategies.  

The metaverse is described as a network of digital worlds where users can interact with other users in a completely virtual space. ‍

When marketers were asked how they planned to incorporate new tech in 2022, 27% said hosting or attending an event using VR was important. 25% also said they planned to use the metaverse to develop new content. 26% of marketers also said they planned to use the Metaverse to be useful for internal education this year. Overall,  more than 40% had an interest in a professional path related to marketing in the metaverse.