When it comes to a strong work ethic, some people have it…some don’t. It’s a core characteristic that often sets apart extremely successful people from everyone else.

They were willing to go above and beyond, ask the tough questions and more than a few times even taught themselves whatever was needed in order for them to achieve the goal at hand.

The thing is, truly successful people understand that they have to stand out against their competition, and teaching themselves a new skill or trade will oftentimes do just that.

Going the extra mile to set yourself apart from the pack in your industry can be the leading factor in taking your life and career to the next level.

We spoke with three women entrepreneurs/professionals, thriving in their respective industries who all had to teach themselves a thing or to, to become the successful boss women they are today. 

Maleeka Holloway
Publicist & CEO
The Official Maleeka Group, LLC.

Holloway: “As one who studies and works in the communications space, particularly in public relations, I had to see that the industry was changing. The focus on just public relations or publicity was changing to include digital marketing. Traditional PR was and is still relevant when it comes to building public reputation and relationship with the media but because the world has changed drastically, I needed a way to highlight how I stay on top of the trends.”

“I had to immerse myself in digital marketing and communications. I could not settle for knowing how to do one thing. I had to be willing to pivot and to be flexible in growing my skill set. And I’m glad I did! From SEO and social media to PPC and sales online funnels, I had to learn how the industry shifts to accommodate what’s happening now instead of what once worked best.” — Maleeka Holloway: @OfficialMaleeka

Ardre Orie
Publisher, Author and CEO of
13th & Joan Publishing 

Orie: “This year I was extremely focused on finding innovative ways to help our authors gain access to new writing experiences and activate new audiences for their work. As a publisher it is my job to ensure that the stories that our authors work so tirelessly to create live on forever. My goal became to launch an international writers retreat that would not only allow us to venture to new destinations but also allow us to engage in organic exchanges amidst a variety of cultures. There is nothing greater than leveraging experience as both a teacher and point of reference for writing.”

“There was a tremendous amount of information to learn to bring the retreat full circle but I am happy to say that as of 2020 we will take our first set of authors to Paris to write new chapters! For me learning a new skill as a publisher is not just about making more money, attaining more awards, or reaching new goals, for me it’s always about making history!” — Ardre Orie: @IamArdreOrie

Ayesha Selden
Real Estate Mogul/Investor 

Selden: “My journey to building a multi-million dollar real estate and equities portfolio from nothing was a series of learning from failures. I went to school for economics and, right out of undergrad, became a series 7 licensed stockbroker. While both studies taught me the technical side of the finance business, nothing taught me more about investing than learning self-mastery.”

“Successful investing is more about discipline than it is anything else. Most investors make buy/sell decisions as if they were at a craps table in Vegas—responding to the markets based on fear and greed. Lack of discipline will have you out there buying and selling at all the wrong times and over-leveraging your portfolio.” — Ayesha Selden: @ayeshaselden

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