Ye has accomplished a slew of innovative milestones.

According to recent reports, he may be adding amusement park owner to the lineup.

Earlier this month Afrotech reported that the hip-hop mogul filed 17 trademark applications for Yeezus branded goods and services like an amusement park, kids’ toys, and cosmetics among others.

 The US Patent and Trademarks Office show records that the West’s Yeezus company that currently produces apparel, art and other goods will soon include amusement parks, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), retail stores, toys, games, sporting equipment, campaign buttons, clothing, household items, and cosmetics under it’s umbrella as well.

This doesn’t seem far-fetched since West has always been a proponent of boundless creative expression.

He once said “What I want to explain to everybody out there is, like, I make music. I can do it, but I shouldn’t be limited to one place of creativity.”

We’ll stay tuned for updates. Are you down for a KanyeCoaster?