Growing up, Maya-Camille Broussard said she always loved her time standing side-by-side with her dad in the kitchen, watching in awe as he created a culinary masterpiece nearly every night for his family. Her particularly favorite bonding time was dessert-making.

“My dad loved pies,” Broussard said. “He was an excellent cook but an even better baker.”

Over the years, Broussard said her father passed down his skills and stoked a burning passion in her for great food.

“Food was like another member of our family,” she said. “My dad took eating richly very seriously and took so much joy in showing his love through cooking.”

Sadly, her father, a magnanimous criminal defense attorney who prided himself on his savory and sweet pie recipes, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later died in February 2009—just days before the opening of Broussard’s first company, Three Peas Art Lounge.

“As you can imagine, I was devastated,” she shared. But ironically enough it was at his funeral that Broussard says her greatest opportunity presented itself.

“My cousin introduced the idea combining my father’s two loves: baking pies and social justice to honor his memory,” she shared.

Understandably, she wasn’t particularly receptive to the concept immediately after burying my her father, but several five years later, she said she began to give it serious thought. Thus the idea for Justice of The Pies was born.

“I really began to formulate what the brand looked like,” Broussard said. The goal of the bakery is to not only celebrate his love of pies, but to honor his belief that people deserve second chances. What you’ll find is that in Justice of the Pie’s history, a lot of what we’ve done, has been grounded in positively impacting the lives of others.”

The L3C organization describes itself to be a social mission in a culinary art form. An example is the I KNEAD LOVE Workshop that provides children from underserved communities cooking instruction and nutritional development education with the goal of this helping to end food insecurities.

Broussard also regularly provides food the The Love Fridge, a community hub that provides food for low-income neighborhoods that are centered in food desserts.

In addition to her non-profit work, Broussard regularly partners with brands whose mission aligns with hers. Her latest partnership is with Baileys.

“They have been very instrumental in supporting some of our endeavors to impact those lives in a positive way.”

Justice Of The Pies has been partnering with Baileys since 2020 by infusing their desserts with liqueur flavors. She said the brand also donated $25,000 Black Women’s Blueprint on behalf of Justice of the Pies during the holidays in 2020.

“We’re always looking for brands who care about the work we do and who are looking to support us with supporting others.”

Visit Justice of The Pies to find out more information.