Right now, the corporate landscape is changing before our eyes. Where gaps in traditional employment may have been a red flag in the past, they may well become the norm in the future as we navigate a world where many people were forced to take time away from work during the pandemic. So, if you have a gap on your resume, don’t see it as a weak spot, use it as a strength.

Resume Revamp. Are you just staring at the gap? Look away for a moment and read on for ways to address it upfront. Consider listing your gap experience, just like the rest of our work history. Explain what you did during that time, list highlights, and accomplishments while showing the skills you used and acquired. Another technique would be to feature a couple of sentences or bullets at the top by your professional statement. It’s not always easy, but don’t let the discomfort stop you from displaying your truth, you might just find that your gap makes you the best candidate for a position.

Contact Your List. With your resume at the ready, it’s time to announce that you’re back in the game. Send emails and texts, plus personal messages on social and on LinkedIn, to friends, family, and old co-workers, telling everyone you’re actively looking for your next opportunity. The more people you communicate with, the better your chances of landing your future role!

Speak Up. The pandemic has been a catalyst for positive change, giving many companies a chance to look at remote work and corporate culture in a whole new way. And as a result, many employers have opened up lines of communication with their staff—and this is a great benefit for you as you reenter the workforce. Be sure to be clear about what you need to be successful before your first day on the job. Chances are you will have already addressed flex and shorter workweeks before they make you an offer but have an honest discussion with your new boss and create a plan in the event that an emergency arises at home that you will need to tend to. Being proactive can help you start off—and stay—on the right foot at your new gig.