If you’ve been blessed to be alive past a certain number of years then you know all too well the ups and downs that come from working for someone else. Now, while there’s nothing wrong or shameful about lending your skills to a 9-5, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t leave us all vulnerable to the pressure of corporate bottom lines.

This is something that Greg Tillery knows all too well. He was working a good job in corporate America when layoffs hit his company in 2013, and he was one of the casualties. The setback led Tillery to realize that if wanted to truly feel secure in his career, he couldn’t depend on anyone else, and before he knew it We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp was born.

“I started the food truck in 2013. I was working in corporate America and they did a corporate layoff. So when they did the layoff I knew right then and there that I can’t depend on this company to put a roof over my head and food on my table. I said I had to do something,” says Tillery.

Since then his business has taken off and he’s gone from laid off and waiting in the wings to cooking up some of the best wing flavors the city of New Orleans has ever tasted. Tillery’s Wuzzam Wings are the talk of the town, and we got him to show us what all the hype was about during his cooking demo at Essence Festival. We were not disappointed! Check out the video below to hear more about the young CEO’s entrepreneurial journey and learn how you can bring some NOLA flavor to your wings at home.

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