Girl Scouts and Big Brothers Big Sisters Partner to Foster Leadership Skills in Young Women
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Both the Girls Scouts of America (GSUSA) and Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBSA) Organizations respectively  have long been pillars in many of our communities to help foster the next generation of leaders. 

Now, they are joining forces to bring their life-changing programs to more girls around the US. The organizations recently announced that together, they will provide access to leadership and mentoring opportunities in the areas of STEM, outdoors, life skills development and entrepreneurship to female youth.

“Mental health is top of mind for both girls and their caregivers,” shared interim GSUSA CEO Judith Batty in a news release. “Girl Scouts’ fun, educational, and research-based programming leaves a positive, lasting impact on girls as young as kindergarten and helps them develop into responsible, caring, and engaged leaders. The world needs Girl Scouts more than ever, and we are thrilled to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to support their caring mentors with our programming as they empower girls to stay on a path to a successful future.” 

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The organization said that nearly nine of 10 Girl Scout alums reported they feel a high sense of life satisfaction both personally and professionally after completing their programs. 93 percent of BBBSA youth participants, affectionately called Littles, attribute the presence of an adult who cares and looks out for them as very important in helping them achieve their goals, both BBBSA and GSUSA are well equipped to support girls in communities nationwide. 

“BBBSA is committed to nurturing the growth and continued success of today’s youth, and we’re excited to announce this new alliance with Girl Scouts to bring the necessary resources to young girls who are seeking guidance and direction,” said Artis Stevens, president and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America in a news release. “These new connections and educational tools will allow our organizations to better equip young girls to conquer their struggles, and the everyday obstacles they’re facing in today’s world. Together, we can and will create a positive and impactful change for the future young women of our country.”

The expansion includes local BBBSA agencies and corresponding Girl Scout councils in 14 markets will partner to recruit and enroll “matches” of Big Sisters (volunteers) and Little Sisters. The ‘matches’ will have access to education-based tools and guidance during the 2021-2022 school year.