Rejection sucks.

What’s especially tough is when your professional aspirations are being affected by it. That’s what many twenty-somethings are learning as they navigate their job search, and according to a new report, some are being affected mentally.

Employment search platform Joblist recently released findings from their wide-reaching survey in which they spoke to 1,000 employees about their experiences while looking for jobs. They also took a look at aggregate data that uncovered the number of jobs employees went out for within the last six months and how many applications were rejected. On average, applicants can expect at least 10 rejections during their search, but young job-seekers are taking the no’s harder than their older counterparts.

Gen-zers and millennials reported dwindling confidence after receiving the average amount of application rejections, prompting 63.8% to even change the type of job they wanted instead of pushing through. About 36% even said they’ve sought therapy as a result of the tough job seeking process.

Ultimately, there’s light at the end of the tunnel according to the tunnel. Respondents said the challenges prompted them to take more time to prepare for the application and interview process as well as accurately update their resume (25.8%) or take the time to learn entirely new skills (24.3%).

Moreover,  once an applicant breaks through, the survey results showed that 3 in 4 successful applicants are now working the job of their dreams after just an average of three months seeking new employment.

The full report can be found here.