ESSENCE Network: Tia Mowry On How Staying Authentic to Herself Has Brought the Ultimate Success
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We’ve watched Tia Mowry evolve from child star to a media mogul and married mom. This year she’s starred in a new season of Instant Mom, launched a new show on the Cooking Channel and joined the cast of Rosewood alongside Morris Chestnut. Yet her favorite role is still caring for her family. Mowry recently launched and teamed up with FluMist Quadrivalent to help others combat flu season. See her secrets to success and discovering wealth through health.

Name: Tia Mowry

Age: 37 

Title: Actress, host and Mom Nose Best ambassador

Location: Los Angeles

Twitter: @TiaMowry

Instagram: @TiaMowry


The Gig: I love my career but what’s most important to me is my family. I partnered with FluMist Quadrivalent to launch Mom Nose Best, a campaign to encourage moms and families about flu prevention and making sure that we all get the flu vaccine annually. 

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The Journey: For me art imitates life and life imitates art. When I was working on The Game, I was a little bit like Melanie. She had a boyfriend and she was supporting his career. That’s how I was with Corey and still am today. It’s the same thing with Instant Mom. I was new at being a mom when I got that role. It’s the same thing with the cooking show. Everything that I do, I’m authentic to myself. I’m true to who I am and nobody can force me to do something that I don’t want to do. 

Her top flu season tips: Make sure you wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer everywhere you go. The flu virus survives on surfaces for six to eight hours. Wash your door knobs, counter tops and faucets and be mindful of interactions with others. Whenever my husband meets people, he never really shakes their hand, he daps them. 

Her lesson learned: The only mistake I’ve made is not forgiving yourself. We live in a society that’s so obsessed with perfection. With that comes regrets, comes you being unhappy. If you’re constantly looking at your flaws and kind of not being okay with them, it puts you in a place that’s not healthy. I think I’ve learned to just let things go. At the end of the day, if you’re working hard, if you’re being true to yourself, and if you’re putting your best foot forward, it will work itself out. Trust your instincts.

Her secret to sanity: I like to not rush whatever time or space I’m in. When I was a child actor I was a child actor. I didn’t force myself to grow up and try to prove to people, “I’m an adult” and start taking off my clothes. I went to college. I started dating my husband. We dated for about eight years. There were many people going “Okay when are you guys going to get married?” Once we married, it was about when we would have kids. Now that we have Cree we are asked about a second child. I just flow with life and I go to the beat of my own drum because only you know what you can handle. I don’t regret anything because I really take my time and I do what I want to do. 

Her downtime: Sunday, no matter how tired we are, the whole family will do a family activity. That’s maybe going out to a movie with my son or having pizza nights. My husband is extremely supportive of my career. I was working so much at the beginning of the year. He sent me away for three days to Santa Barbara. I ate, drank, hiked, did yoga classes and watched Bridesmaids with wine in my hand. I was able to reconnect with myself. 

Her boss accessory: My high heels. Sometimes I’ll do photo shoots or  acting and they’re like, “We don’t see your feet so you can take your shoes off.” I’m like, “No, you don’t understand.” When I put on my shoes I like become a completely different person. I just feel like a boss. 

Her beauty fix: My red lipstick.

Her theme song: Destiny’s Child “Survivor” and, some days, Rick Ross.