Name: Jasmine Diaz

Age: 32

Title: Matchmaker & General Manager, Love by Jasmine Diaz

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Twitter: @BlackMatchmaker

The gig: I am a fisherwoman. My job is to either fish for you by matching you with singles or to teach you how to fish to meet singles on your own. I specialize in matchmaking and date coaching for Black and Hispanic professionals.

The journey: In early 2009, I came to a crossroad where I wasn’t fulfilled in my job and desperately seeking a way to feed my creativity. I had been helping singles for year. I decided to listen to God and took a leap of faith by starting the Shawn Mackenzi Agency, a full-service matchmaking firm. When I matched my first client, I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing.

Her best career advice: It will be your passion that will keep you going. Being authentic and having a strong idea of what you want to convey to people will help you rise above the rest.

Her best love advice: Prioritize. Dating takes dedication, and there are no quick rules to get to the finish line. This can be a challenge for busy professionals, but on those nights where you have down time, head out with a friend to a hotspot. “Mr. Right” can’t find you if you’re hiding in your office.

Confessions of a Black matchmaker: When I first started, there weren’t many Black matchmakers. I can name them all on one hand. I had to overcome the fact that matchmaking for the Black community is still taboo and not quite understood. On the other hand, many doors have been opened to me simply because I am a Black matchmaker. If I am seen on television suddenly it is “cool” to work with a matchmaker.

Her biggest lesson learned: The first three years of business were the most intense years I have ever faced. I serviced too many markets at once rather than perfecting myself in one area at a time. I had to step back and evaluate. I decided to scale back and focus squarely on those I felt I could truly help.

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Her time-saving tip for singles: Be clear about what you are looking for in a mate before entering the dating arena. People waste a lot of time dating the wrong types of people because they have no clue what they really want. Do your homework and it will save you time and heartache.

Why you should consider hiring a matchmaker: If you’re either disappointed in online dating, prefer a more personalized touch or are simply just too busy, a matchmaker can help you meet someone special. Great matchmakers will pre-screen matches (including background checks) and only introduce you to men who meet your standards. Matchmaking is an investment in your future.

Her stress relievers: I spend a lot of time with my family. My husband is my very best friend and is someone I truly enjoy being around, so we spend our days at home watching television shows or travelling. I also spend a significant amount of time with my parents. We are foodies, so we spend our days fine dining.

Student loan status: I have student loans and they are deferred. Recently I decided to go back to school to take classes that correlate with my current practice. Never stop learning.

Her secret superpower: I can spot talent and have a great memory. If anyone has an A&R opening, call me!

Her beauty bag: Jasmine Noir fragrance by Bvlgari, Red Lipstick by CoverGirl, Eyeshadow by MAC and Black Eyeliner. I try and stay chic.

Her power style accessory: My Dooney and Bourke wallet and Diamond Stud Earrings. 

Her work/life strategy: I have been married 12 years this month and pregnant with a baby boy. When self-employed it can be very easy for both worlds to intersect. I try my best to calendar my life so that I can stay on task. When work is over, it’s over. When it’s family time, it’s family time. That’s the only way to maintain your sanity.

Her theme song: “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia

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