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ESSENCE Network: From Music to Meditation, Radio Personality Devi Brown Shares How to Find Your "Bliss"

iHeartMedia Houston's #1 rated host, known for giving healing crystals to some hip-hop's biggest stars, shares her secrets to success.  
ESSENCE Network: From Music to Meditation, Radio Personality Devi Brown Shares How to Find Your “Bliss”
Devi Brown
Starting as an on-air host and music director at 93.5 KDAY, California native and radio personality Devi Brown is known for getting some of the biggest names in hip hop—Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj, to name a few—to open up about their personal struggles. Now she’s sharing her journey from music to meditation (she’s a certified teacher!), getting real about building a business and showing everyone how to find their own “bliss.” Full Name: Devon Angelica Brown (Devi Brown) Age: 31 Title and company: Radio Personality for iHeartmedia + Founder, Karma Bliss Location: LA + Houston Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Twitter: @DeviBrown; @KarmaBlissed Instagram: @DeviBrown; @KarmaBlissed The gig: I am a radio personality who shares music, good vibes and conversations that I have with artists and celebs with listeners. I also provide entertainment reporting and hosting for various TV networks and am the founder of Karma Bliss, a retail & lifestyle company that is dedicated to spiritual growth and self-discovery. The journey: Growing up, my mom and I used to have insane, traffic-filled commutes. There were no cell phones with games to play and my mom did not have a CD player, so most mornings it was just the radio and us. I loved tuning into the “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” morning show (formerly on Power 106, now on Real 92.3 in L.A). The way Big was able to connect with people in such a beautiful, hilarious, thoughtful and authentic way just by being himself had a profound impact on me. He made you feel seen, related to and entertained all at once. And he had extremely engaging conversations with all his guests. I knew early on that I wanted to do THAT. Live transparently and aid people in having a good time. Though as much of an effect as radio has on me as a listener, I still couldn’t really imagine myself as the one talking on it until I got to college and had my first opportunity to be on the air through an internship. After that I was hooked and knew that in one way or another, creating a connection through media was something I’d spend most of my life doing. How she made major #Boss moves: Beyond working hard on my communication skills, staying locked in to trends and having a genuine interest in the culture, I clocked a lot of career miles from being open enough to seize new opportunities. When it comes to Karma Bliss, the transition of becoming my own boss was a rocky one. As focused as I am in other work…setting my own schedule and creating structure for my daily responsibilities was really tough for me at first. Dealing with design teams and overseas vendors, plus dodging unforeseen kinks in the road has made me utilize my communication and anticipation skills more than ever! Confessions of a black woman in radio: Within my field I have had challenges getting behind certain records and or content that I feel are unhealthy for young black women to consume. I take stands against being a deliverer of those things very often. The narrative tends to be one filled with stereotypes. Being in conversations where people try to get you to dissect and quantify black culture is as frustrating as it is irritating. But, mostly I always think being a woman is a benefit. We are resilient and intuitive in ways that most men are not (no shade, just true) and that has served me really well throughout my career and especially now as I build my company in my second career. The smartest advice she ever received: Around 2008 a co-worker—who I thought I was a close friend—was doing a lot of negative and untrue seed planting behind my back. I was on the phone with Charlamagne [From the Breakfast Club] expressing how I felt betrayed and unfairly treated and his response was: “Dev, people hating on you doesn’t stop God from blessing you.” A light bulb went on when he said that and it completely shifted my perspective from sadness to peace. After that moment I’ve never felt fazed about encountering bad energy from others. How to get that life: Don’t be afraid to light yourself on fire. By that I mean, get out there and take risks with the grace of knowing that you can always rebuild. And leave room for life to evolve you! Don’t pigeon hole yourself only in what your title is at this moment, be open to all sorts of opportunities and business relationships. How she balances business and personal: Letting go of the idea of “having it all,” because the simple truth is you can’t. At least not at the level of everything getting a 100% of you 100% of the time. Some days work is 80% and personal is shot to 20% and the next day it could be reversed or at 50/50. I go with the flow either way. De-stress 101:For stress I am huge on meditation and proactive forms of self-discovery. I think it’s imperative to have “me time” and quiet moments were you connect with a higher power and invest in your spirit. Her tech fixes: My laptop. I’d feel so lost without it. I also love the Yoga Time app for a good stretch session while on the go and the Ananada app for beautiful guided meditations by Deepak Chopra. In her beauty bag:Nars concealer and their Laguna bronzer, SKII facial Essence and Davines “OI oil” for hair. Her power accessory: I’m obsessed with Dylan Lex. I have her “Tyson” necklace and every time I wear it, it amplifies the feeling of being a warrior woman. Also, My Karma Bliss signature wrap in clarity which harnesses the energy of clear Quartz and can be worn 2 different ways as a necklace as can also be worn as a bracelet!” Her secret superpower: Leading with empathy and knowing all the words to every (most) songs. Her theme song: “Blessed”- Schoolboy Q