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ESSENCE Network: Candace L. Randle, D.C. Power Player

 Asking Santa for a briefcase was a sign that Candace L. Randle was destined for success. The presidential campaign writer turned corporate communication director shares her career gems for discovering your own power.
ESSENCE Network: Candace L. Randle, D.C. Power Player
Joey Nuique

Asking Santa for a briefcase was a sign that Candace L. Randle was destined for success from a very young age. After working on presidential campaigns for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Randle now manages corporate communications for Robert L. Johnson’s multi-million dollar portfolio. The master communicator shares her journey and career gems for discovering your own power.

Name: Candace L. Randle

Age: 35

Occupation: Director of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs for The RLJ Companies

Location: Washington, D.C.

Hometown: Camden, Arkansas

Linkedin: Candace L. Randle

The gig: I have the opportunity to work for and promote our chairman Robert L. Johnson (founder of BET). I promote his business and social initiatives such as the RLJ Rule, which addresses minority unemployment. There are several female executives within the company and I’m fortunate to have a seat among a talented group of women. I’m also an editor of the Arkansas-based publication, PowerPlay Magazine, which focuses on the achievement of African American professionals within the state.

The journey: I have always enjoyed writing and politics. I previously served as an aide to U.S. Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas and worked in the communications department for Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe. My first job after college was a position with Al Gore’s presidential campaign, where I was one of three campaign brief writers for Vice President Al Gore.

Her best advice: Allow your personal strengths to shine. I used to downplay my achievements, but I’ve learned to trust myself more and understand that my career path is uniquely my own.

Confessions of a D.C. shotcaller: I’m empowered to see successful Black women held in high regard among their industry, yet there are still too few of us in the room. Being in a position to bring other young women, especially women of color, into the fold is something that I find rewarding.

Her time saving tip: I make a “To Do” list every morning when I arrive to the office. It’s a process that I’ve used regularly since college, but I find that it especially helps me to stay organized and work efficiently.

Her career milestone: My biggest accomplishment was making the decision to relocate to Washington to work for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2008. Following the campaign, I worked in the United States Senate and was brought on at RLJ soon after.

Her network tip: Keep in regular contact with the people you meet and always put your best self forward. You never know when your paths will cross again.

Her childhood career dream: As a kid, I always knew I wanted a professional career and actually asked Santa for a briefcase. In sixth grade, I set my mind on becoming a lawyer. I was a member of the school’s debate team and became captain in my senior year. I wouldn’t change anything about the path my career journey has taken me.

Her stress relievers: Regular workouts and yoga help me stay focused throughout the day. I’m usually not a stressed person and find that I work very well under pressure. I jumpstart my weekdays with an early morning workout followed by a series of morning news—get fit and get informed for the day ahead. I usually unplug over the weekends by visiting art galleries, yoga and trying new restaurants around D.C.

Student loan status: Although I received a full scholarship for my undergraduate studies, I decided to use student loans for graduate school. I still consider it a financial investment in myself and the future that I want for myself.

Her tech must-haves:  I’m obsessed with my Windows 8 phone and its Microsoft office apps. I’m able to create entire presentations or media statements in Word, PowerPoint or as a PDF from the convenience of my phone. I’m also a huge fan of the Weight Watchers app, which allows me to track my food and fitness routines.

Her beauty bag: The Multiple by NARS and it does everything. I was introduced to the line of products by an incredible beauty artist and friend Valentin of ValiStudios.com.

Her power style accessory: I have these amazing gold cuff bracelets that I pair with nearly every outfit. I’ve had them for years and feel like Wonder Woman every time I wear them.

Her theme song: “Grown Woman” by Beyoncé.

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