Invest Atlanta: This Women Of Color-Led Company Is Strengthening Their City’s Economy In A Major Way
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This December, team ESSENCE is partnering with Target to bring the first-ever ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneurship Summit And Target Holiday Market to Atlanta. In anticipation of this premiere holiday shopping and entrepreneurship-building event, we’re excited to spotlight a few local businesses in the Atlanta area who are on track to take the city to higher heights as we enter a new decade.

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All across the globe in communities worldwide, Black and Brown women continue to lead the conversation around rapid growth in the areas of entrepreneurship and economic advancement. Here in the United States, the Invest Atlanta team is dedicated to seeing the thriving city of Atlanta flourish even more to become a globally competitive economic hub.

Through initiatives designed to support crucial community needs like job creation, homeownership funding programs and resources for small businesses, Invest Atlanta is doing the work to ensure a better future for everyone who calls, or aspires to call, Atlanta home.

Register now to attend the 2019 ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Summit & Target Holiday Market this December in ATL. See you there!

Keep scrolling to learn a little bit more about the inspiring women of color who are moving this company forward alongside their dynamic team and details on some of their that are initiatives already in play. Then, be sure to register via the link above for your free tickets to join us all in ATL on December 13.

See you there!


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