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[MUSIC] What's up. It's Angela Yee and today on Woman to Woman we are embarking on the Path to Power brought to you by State Farm. I've always had a really strong entrepreneurial spirit, as you can see from all the things I've been doing. I've invested in real estate, I've also opened a juice bar investing in my own neighborhood. I always believe it's really important to have my financial goals firmly in hand. So I'm really looking forward to sitting down with [UNKNOWN] so I can share with her what I've learned along the way. And she can live her most colorful life starting now. [UNKNOWN] is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist and recently she left behind her cushy corporate job to start her own company Beauty by [UNKNOWN]. [UNKNOWN] All right, so you have a regular nine to five. Yes. Full time job. Yes. So when did you decide, okay, I've gotta leave this job and venture out? I gotta tired of working for other people and a policies. Not in a bad way but to do my [UNKNOWN] the way I wanted to treat [UNKNOWN] Right. Not to rush them but give them that good quality Instead of quantity, and I feel like some businesses are about that right now. So Teresha what were some of the challenges that you faced as you started your own business? Having to, working for somebody is easy you wouldn't think about the inventory, the products versus having your own business. That was one of the challenges I am having it's so overwhelming sometimes I get a little emotion, I'm not going to lie Sometimes I think as being a business owner, sometimes you're afraid to ask. I didn't go to school for business, so I need to ask people know a little more than me so I can be able to kind of get in the grip, and be able to be on a steady pace right now. So what are some things you've been doing to kind of balance out those missteps that you've had as far as staying on top of product, not having enough things? Doing researches... Looking at other businesses that have been out longer than me. Talking to them and asking them questions as well. That's great, so [UNKNOWN] how do you think you would benefit from financial guidance? I really don't understand when it comes to finance and budgeting. Right. That's a part where it's really most of my challenge is at, right there. Not having the right guidance you can fail, and I refuse to fail. So I am going to start asking for the help, I am going to start doing the research. So that's what I'm trying to prepare myself for now. So never hesitate to figure out ways that you can actually save money from people who have done it before. It's so important to ask people who have done what it is you are trying to do. Teresa are you ready to take the next steps? Yes, I am ready to take my business to the next level. You can get started today by talking to a StateFarm agent or you can access StateFarm online tools and resources by visiting [MUSIC]

Sponsored: Path to Power: Overcoming Financial Obstacles

Sponsored: Path to Power: Overcoming Financial Obstacles


Want to take your business to the next level? Teresha McMillan does!

This licensed esthetician and makeup artist has transitioned from working for a big corporation to opening her own beauty studio and now she’s worried about making missteps. She knows that without the right guidance, you can fail and that isn’t an option for her.

Seeking advice from Radio Personality and Entrepreneur, Angela Yee, she discovers that you don’t need to be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to budgeting basics. Check out how State Farm can help you meet your financial goals. For more info go to