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I'm currently freelancing as an associate producer. Its a ton of fun but it provides absolutely no stability. Okay and then I'm sure there's other issues just as far as like health insurance? Yeah I don't have a 401 K. Granted I can have these things on my own but a company like helping me along the way would be great. So how do you think you would benefit from financial guidance? I think my biggest issue right now is, like, impulse buying. You need to figure out how to budget, you could get started today by visiting

Sponsored: Path to Power: Starting Your Own Business

Sponsored: Path to Power: Starting Your Own Business


Feel like you’re finally ready to follow your dreams and start your own business? Heather Haynes, a freelance producer is making the transition from behind-the-scenes to on-air talent by opening her own marketing agency. But she has a few questions about where to begin, so she turns to Angela Yee, Radio Personality and Entrepreneur.

Angela knows the importance of working with a great company who can guide Heather (and you!) on the Path to Power. Check out the tips and tools you need to get your ideas off the ground with help from State Farm.  For more info go to