What began with a mission to democratize dance and revolutionize “nude” apparel has since evolved into a larger movement to celebrate diversity and empower dreamers to be revolutionary. 

All thanks to Nia Faith Betty, a 19-year-old Howard University student, and her sister Justice, who founded Révolutionnaire, an action platform that equips changemakers with the tools, network, and information needed to accelerate and amplify their impact for social injustices. “Inspired by my journey as a Black ballerina, I originally introduced Révolutionnaire as an inclusive dancewear line that celebrated athletes of color,” says Nia Faith Betty, Co-Founder of Révolutionnaire. 

“After seeing the incredible impact made within the dance community, my sister Justice and I made it our mission to transform Révolutionnaire into a larger movement,” she continues. “Révolutionnaire’s new social justice platform offers a seamless way for anyone seeking to create change, collaborate and take action. During a pivotal moment in society, we aspire to propel a generation of changemakers by equipping them with the tools, information, and community they need to accelerate and amplify their impact.”

The education and action platform, which launched today, inspires other activists to fuel their dreams into revolutions this Black Out Tuesday and beyond. The hub will initially focus on five key causes: Criminal Justice Reform, Environmentalism, Anti-gun Violence, Housing and Food Security, and Racial Equity, with innovative resources to make getting involved easier than ever. 

“Révolutionnaire was built to make education and action a seamless experience,” continues Co-Founder Justice Faith Betty. “We have taken a traditionally fragmented and intimidating experience and brought it in under one roof. With so much going on in the world, our generation cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. Recognizing this, we are passionate about building a strong community to drive the development of urgent solutions that are needed now and in the future. We believe in the power of young people and their ability to positively impact their communities. We’re energized by the possibilities ahead, and are here to help young people use their dreams to fuel revolutions.”

Révolutionnaire’s mission stands at the intersection of community platforms and social change movements to revolutionize how people connect and take action on the causes they care about.

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