Although it’s great to be gainfully employed, more of us have felt the strings of exhaustion tug us over the past few years. According to a new study, employees say it’s mostly their “work friends” and family’s fault. 

Incandgo recently released findings from a survey conducted earlier this year that asked 1,001 participants whether they feel they have overworking co-workers or bosses who create an unfair culture and how common it is for employees to work overtime. 

Of the results, there were some interesting findings that rose to the top. Nearly 3 in 4 (71%) full-time employees overwork at least once every week, and nearly half (48%) overwork several times per week; More than half (52%) of full-time employees said overworking increased their overall life satisfaction; Nearly 2 in 3 supervisors have downplayed or dismissed an employee’s concern about being overworked; More than 2 in 5 (42%) full-time employees want after-hours work banned by their employer.

Overall, employees are exhausted. 

As the report astutely points out, there’s a difference between feeling motivated to do your best work and overextending yourself because you feel pressured to keep up with employees who are intentionally trying to overwork themselves. 

The findings also point out that the pressure to overwork has been correlative to gender. 

Women were more likely than me to feel forced to overwork by coworkers and superiors, while men were more likely to feel pressure from society and culture in general. That said, 65% of respondents overall said they felt pressure to overwork from work superiors.

This has led more employees to yearn for more outside of work. 

More than three in four (77%) admitted that hustling harmed their work-life balance.