BIPOC Mental Health Expert Dr. Nicole Cammack Joins Sesh’s Clinical Advisory Board
Courtesy: Dr. Nicole Cammack

After a tough year, physically and socially, it’s become more apparent now than ever that mental health should be prioritized more in the Black community. 

Dr. Nicole Cammack, Clinical Psychologist and CEO/president of Black Mental Wellness is aiming to spread that message far and wide. She has officially joined forces with Sesh as one of their newest clinical advisory board executives. Her new position on Sesh’s CAB is alongside Dr. Orna Guralnik, clinical psychologist and star of Showtime’s “Couples Therapy,” and Dr. Jeff De Flavio, founding CEO of Groups Recover Together.

Due to their overlapping values and goals, Dr. Cammack and Sesh are a perfect fit. 

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Sesh, a mental health app that harnesses the power of group support and communities to provide an affordable, accessible mental health care option to millions of Americans is unlike other mental health apps, in that Sesh emphasizes a person-first approach, connecting users with real people—peers and therapists, with diverse group-based sessions that are updated monthly including BIPOC Support Series, Hope and Healing for the AAPI Community, Accepting Your Body, Accepting Yourself, Refuge For Your Soul: Navigating Depression and Anxiety and more.

In addition to her role with Sesh, Cammack is also the founder of  Black Mental Wellness, a virtual community created to provide access to evidence-based information and resources about mental health and behavioral health topics from a Black perspective.

Cammack currently serves as the Program Director of the Primary Care-Mental Health Integration clinic, where she provides mental health services to veterans in a co-located primary care setting. She provides individual therapy, couples therapy, and culturally responsive therapeutic groups that focus on race-based trauma, military sexual trauma, and resilience.  Lastly, she leads the Diversity Training Subcommittee and promotes efforts to increase diversity and cultural competency among psychology graduate trainees, and she is an active participant on several leadership councils through the VA Medical Center.

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