Black Wives, Mothers And Entrepreneurship Take Center Stage At NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit’s Inaugural Brunch
inside NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit’s inaugural She’s Got Next brunch. The event was held at Miami’s The Bath Club. | Photo credit: Maxwell “J. Maxwell” Pierre Jr.

“What about the women behind the athletes?”

That question was the catalyst for the 2022 NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit’s inaugural She’s Got Next brunch. On Feb. 25, about two dozen women descended on The Bath Club in Miami Beach, Fla. to eat, drink, commiserate, enjoy live music from professional violinist and composer Ezinma and, above all else, be inspired.

The summit itself is designed to educate ethnically underrepresented professional athletes in financial literacy, but She’s Got Next specifically acknowledges the mothers, wives, partners, co-parents and caretakers of athletes – those who often shoulder the brunt of their loved ones encountering sudden first-generation wealth.

“A lot of us don’t have the examples in our family of how to navigate money, and we certainly don’t understand it’s about more than just financial management,” said Jill Bishop, convener and CEO of advisory firm J.H. Bishop, Inc.

Ezinma performs at NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit’s inaugural She’s Got Next brunch in Miami. | Photo credit: Maxwell “J. Maxwell” Pierre Jr.

She’s Got Next was created from mothers and spouses expressing their needs to NKSFB co-founder Craig Brown during the inaugural 2021 Wealth Summit in Aspen, Colo.  

“The women said, ‘I’m the single mom at home raising these kids, I’m the one at home looking at cash flow statements, running the family office…we’re the ones trying to cope with the loneliness and stress because they aren’t here with us,’” Bishop said.

Bishop said the first She’s Got Next will provide more insight into what’s needed for future brunches.

What do women want, what do they need, where should the conversation go?” Bishop said. “I chose women who were very vocal and active who could give me the pulse of what’s going on in their circles of influence.”

“This is a microcosm of something bigger, but I want to get a read on where we’re going with this and the specific issues we need to address.”

Jill Bishop, CEO of advisory firm J.H. Bishop, Inc., opening NKSFB Sports Wealth Summit’s inaugural She’s Got Next brunch. The event was held at Miami’s The Bath Club. | Photo credit: Maxwell “J. Maxwell” Pierre Jr

Bishop hopes that the event’s guest speakers—a combination of in-person and pre-recorded—provide attendees with helpful tips in navigating the financial morass of professional sports as well as more confidence in approaching the often intimidating social landscape.  

“Social media makes [women] more critical of themselves and think maybe they don’t belong in this group…it gives them impostor syndrome,” she said. “It’s intimidating for people who have never been in wealth before to see other women dressed to the nines and be around certain circles.”

“We’re trying to make it safe and comfortable and make them feel really good about themselves. We want everyone to feel the beauty and strength and power and wisdom and intelligence that they are.”


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