9 Black Financial Educators You Should Be Following on Instagram
Personal finance expert Jamila Souffrant

Gone are the days when financial advisors were confined to older White men (and the occasional woman) who rarely if ever understood the nuances between Black folks and our relationships with money. Thanks to social media, a much broader range of experts in this space abounds – and we can easily access their advice from the convenience of our cellular phones. Dialogue around personal finance from breaking into the stock market, saving for retirement and salary negotiations is no longer taboo. But who are the trusted pros leading these necessary conversations and how does one find them on the vast world wide web?

ESSENCE has done the digging for you. Since April is Financial Literacy Month, we rounded up nine financial influencers to follow on Instagram right now. The best part? They’re all Black women! So, whether you’re paying off student loans, saving to buy a home, building an emergency fund or simply just want to get a better grip of your hard-earned coins, one of these savvy sisters has the secret sauce for you.

You’re welcome.