5 Ways To Boost Your Business This Summer

For some, summer is the busiest time of the year, while it can be the slowest for others. So whether you are taking advantage of extra foot traffic in your store or using this quiet space to reflect and plan, here are a few ways to make this summer proactive and productive.

Begin Socializing. Snap fun pictures of you, your employees enjoying the summer weather and everything your business offers. Post some of the pictures now with custom (and trackable) hashtags and invite followers to share their photos by giving them a small perk when they do—like 10% off or a free treat! Then, carry those summer vibes into the winter months by posting some bright, fun pictures to give your customers something to remember and look forward to—these moments can create great engagement.

Get a Fresh Start. Whether you have a shop, an office or work out of your own home, summer is the perfect time to spruce up your space. Open up the windows, let in the fresh air and allow it to circulate throughout your space after months of being cooped up. Welcome the season with a satisfying deep clean, using a product that kills 99.9% of germs for powerful results but also has a clean fresh scent, like Pine-Sol. 

Expand Your Reach. Summer is a great time to grow your contact list. Something as simple as a paper sign-up sheet can really go a long way when people visit your store, eat in your restaurant or come into your office. Also consider adding a subscribe button to a few pages on your website, so people can keep up with all the awesome things you are doing. You can even add a little flair to your sign-up experience—in-person or online. In addition to getting basic info, ask them a fun question like what’s their favorite item on the menu, their birthday or their hometown—you can learn a lot about your customers by asking them a question they want to answer!

Offer A Future Service. As you work your way through the summer, identify ways you can create customers that go beyond this season. For example, if you own a lawn care company, offer to rake leaves in the fall and winterize plantings before the cold weather. If you have a shop, consider giving a discount when loyal customers come back in September or during the holidays. And for more corporate businesses, try bundling services with a special summer offer that could extend throughout the rest of the year. The more interaction you create with your target audience, the longer they will be your clients and customers.

Try Something New. Experiment with a social media platform you haven’t tried yet, like Instagram, Pinterest or even TikTok. Set a reasonable goal for yourself, like two posts each week and then see how they perform. By September, you can decide if you want to continue and grow your presence through that channel or not. This is also be a great time to try new types of posts because people tend to be happier and more engaged in summer months. So why not post a caption contest, feature a customer story or a fun quiz!

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