When it comes to landing a job, social media can be just as important as your resume. According to Miriam Salpeter, Social Media Strategist and author of Social Networking for Career Success, “Recruiters are using social media, and so should you.”  

Research suggests that more than 90% of recruiters incorporate or plan to use social media and 78% have already hired candidates using social recruiting.  Here are some tips from Salpter on how to tap into your social networking tools and use them to increase career opportunities.

Show And Tell. As a job seeker, try to post frequent updates, news and information to showcase your knowledge. Ideally, the goal is to become a go-to resource for other experts in your industry and demonstrate that you have a “finger on the pulse” of what’s going on in your field.  As a candidate, you should exhibit that you are a subject matter authority, instead of simply telling others. It’s what’s known as “social proof,” which is more compelling than any statement on a resume or job application.

Quantity & Quality. There is no easier or faster way to cast a wide net and engage other professionals in your field than by finding a community online. The more people know what you have to offer, the better you are positioned to secure a job. Your casual networking acquaintances can soon become allies who help you land a job.

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Class Is In Session. Many people “live tweet” sessions at conferences and share details from professional events. In many industries, it is possible to learn what speakers are sharing at conferences without ever leaving home. Take advantage, and soak it all up. Additionally, once you plug into strong online communities, it’s easy to collect information, advice and resources about what’s going on your field. It’s like a constant stream of professional development!

Stay Visible.  Job seekers should aim to reverse the hiring process from a “push” to a “pull” process. Instead of applying for jobs, wouldn’t it be nice if jobs came to you? Effective and consistent use of social media makes it easier to become a sought after professional.

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