10 Ways To Overcome Loneliness As A Freelancer
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So you’re a freelancer. You wake up early, get through your morning routine, and casually go to your local coffee shop. The barista knows you and your order, so then you casually clock in by opening up your laptop. Life is great! You create your own hours, avoid pesky morning traffic and don’t have to report to any manager or supervisor. However, there feels like something is missing, dare I say it, coworkers. The perks of being a freelancer are quite liberating, but it’s easy to feel lonely sometimes. I know. I am one.

I started my freelance journey about two years ago. Like most freelancers, I was previously at a job I hated and decided to go off independently. After a year of scraping coins from my couch, I was finally able to make a living off of freelancing full-time. Although I am grateful for my blessings, I must admit I have struggled with feeling lonely.

See, what no one tells you about freelancing is that you are the manager, HR, assistant and employee. There are no team-building days, gossip sessions in the break room or sharing laughs with your favorite co-worker. The truth is, most days, it’s just you and your laptop. However, I can assure you there are ways of building a community to defeat loneliness and achieve better mental health. Here are a few tips that have helped me overcome loneliness as a freelancer.