A New York City mother is facing social media backlash after posting an adorable video of her twin boys —who just happened to be sharing a kiss.

Ashlee Muhammad recently posted an Instagram video of her twins as they were being dropped off at daycare. Muhammad often shares photos of Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, and last week was no different.

All You NEED Is LOVE 🌹@supernovaandjetman

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“All you need is love,” she captioned the cute video of the boys embracing and kissing. They then run off together before returning to Muhammad to give her her own kisses.

Once posted, the video — which now has just under a  million views — was criticized by some people who called the boys’ interaction “inappropriate.”  

“No offense given, but my father would never [do this],” one user wrote. “ This is too feminine for boys who are supposed to be raised to protect themselves, their mother, and their sisters.”

“I mean come on […]it’s common sense. You don’t have two boys kissing each other on the [lips],” another user wrote. “They could hug each other but kiss each other on the lips[…] that’s gay.”
After reading some of the comments, Muhammad wrote another post pushing back on the “perverts” who were trying to sexualize her kids. 

“I would have NEVER in a million years thought that something posted out of pure love and admiration for my children would have turned into all of this,” she wrote. “My parenting has NEVER been attacked so harshly in MY LIFE…”

Other users supported Muhammad’s stance by also pushing back on much of the criticism:

“I love this showing affection to each other!” a commenter wrote. “Half of y’all probably never had! Keep raising your boys the way you raise them!”