A million to one — that’s the chance of a woman giving birth to babies who appear to be of different races. Carole Fraser, a 42-year-old mom from England defied the odds by giving birth to twins; one appears to be Black, the other White, reports The Mirror. Fraser, who is of mixed race (Caribbean and White), and her husband Brian who is White, named their twins Daniel and Martha. A few months after birth Daniel’s skin color began to change. “He started getting blacker, while Martha stayed pale,” says Fraser.  Nicknamed “Salt and Pepper” Daniel and Martha are fraternal (not identical) twins, so it’s not unusual that they don’t look alike, but still, it is rare that Daniel appears to have taken his mom’s genes while Martha took her father’s. At first, Fraser, who grew up in being the only Black child in her family (her siblings are White) worried about how Daniel’s color will affect how he will be treated. “I panicked when I first thought about this happening, I’m completely relaxed with it now,” she says. “I know that Daniel will never feel left out or different because we love all our children so much.”