You have to believe you deserve someone amazing. I know it sounds crazy — the idea of just deciding you want to change and therefore you change — but that’s what starts it. Just recognizing you need to let go of what once held you back and think differently. It’s like how our mothers would tell us, “If you don’t love yourself, who will? If you don’t think you look good, are smart, have worth – why should anyone else?”

It starts with you, right now, and in your head.

While this may sound much easier said than done, making radical change in your thoughts about both yourself and love can happen sooner than you think. I normally achieve breakthroughs with my clients in as short as two weeks by getting them to retrain their thoughts, moving away from false negatives and towards the greatest true positive – emotional self-fulfillment.

For true success, you have to move beyond the prejudices and negative feelings that keep us from going forward and embrace radical change, and here are 10 things you can do, right now, and see a real result in your life.

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