An Atlanta, Georgia man recently lost his home, not to foreclosure, but because of simple miscommunication, according to Al Byrd’s home, valued at $200,000, can now be found in four huge dumpsters. A neighbor informed Byrd that the home where he was raised and watched his sister get married in was now gone.

“My dad built this house with his own hands in 1950,” Byrd said. The demolition was ordered by Marietta-based Forestar Real Estate Group, Inc. called Southern Environmental Services, according to a police report. The house that should have been demolished is actually across the street and 150 yards up the road from where Byrd’s house used to be located. He is in contact with a lawyer to handle the legal matters, yet the items he lost that have the most memories like his grandmother’s dining room set and china and the family Bible, have all been lost forever.- Shavon S. Greene