It seems as if the real welfare queen is the former Mississippi Director of Human Services (and a few others) who are now accused of embezzling millions of dollars meant for services helping Mississippians living in poverty.

According to Mississippi Today, John Davis, the former Human Services director, and one of his employees Latimer Smith, were arrested. In addition, officials from the nonprofit Mississippi Community Education Center, namely Nancy New, Zach New, Anne McGrew, as well as retired professional wrestler Brett DiBiase were all arrested in connection with the scheme.

“The funds that were illegally obtained in this case were intended to help the poorest among us. The funds were instead taken by a group of influential people for their own benefit, and the scheme is massive. It ends today,” State Auditor Shad White told the news site.

Davis and Smith are accused of manufacturing documents, giving DiBiase money from the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Family program, which gives aid to the nation’s poorest residents.

Davis and Smith allegedly paid Dibiase for teaching classes about drug abuse that DiBiase not only never gave…but at the time DiBiase was reportedly at a luxury rehabilitation facility grappling with his own use of drugs.

Nancy New and her son, Zach, are accused of using funds from the department that was given to their nonprofit to pay for DiBiase’s drug treatment and used welfare money to pay for their own personal investments in medical device companies in Florida, Mississippi Today reports.