It’s commonly known that vitamin C works wonders when you’re feeling under the weather, but did you know that vitamin C is a wonderkid among skin care fixers, too?  There is a wealth of evidence that shows that topical vitamin C applied directly to the skin brightens dark spots and boosts the production of collagen, a protein that helps cells grow and gives skin its firmness and strength.  Given these facts, I was thrilled to learn that one of my favorite skin care brands, Perricone MD, recently released it’s Vitamin C Ester 15 treatment, a scientifically-formulated face cream. The treatment comes in a kit containing 4 individual tubes of a prescription-grade 15% concentrated cream that has wonderfully transformed my skin over the past month. Seriously y’all, I have grown to love this stuff!

I have acne-prone skin, which means that every time I get a pimple, it leaves behind a wretched dark spot — ugh! While my breakouts are much less frequent than yesteryear, I’m still battling hyperpigmentation — and it has not been a very fun battle to fight. On my most recent visit to the dermatologist, she suggested that I use a vitamin C serum, so I immediately came home and reached for the Perricone MD kit I had been meaning try. After going through an entire tube of the Vitamin C Ester 15, I have noticed a considerable change in my skin tone and texture. My pores are noticeably smaller on my cheeks and forehead and I’ve also noticed that when I do get a small blemish, the spotting left behind is minimal, if at all. Hooray!

Get your hands on this bonafide miracle worker at Perricone MD. ($120). 

What miracle creams do you swear by when it comes to skin care? Leave them in the comments section!


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