Tattoos can be pretty fabulous (exhibit A: Rihanna, who’s tatted up on her back, fingers, ear, legs, and neck!). The thing is, unless you’re a rock star, tattoos aren’t always appropriate for all occasions. What do you do if you’re invited to a fancy holiday party, and you want to rock a low-cut cocktail dress? Dermablend has the answer with their new Leg and Body Tattoo Primer. Spread on this smooth, blendable primer before applying Dermablend’s famous Leg and Body Cover Foundation to prevent it from smudging, smearing, or wearing out over time. The best part? With the primer, the foundation stays put for up to 12 hours! Perfect for the pre-game cocktails, the party and the after-party. Dermablend Leg and Body Tattoo Primer, $25, dermablend.com