Military Mom Surprises Kids At School after Seven Month Deployment
Grab/ABC News

U.S Air Force Master Sgt. Shania Porter surprised her young sons at school after a seven month deployment.

Porter surprised her four-year-old son, Blake, by speaking over the intercom at Primrose School at Palm Valley, telling the Arizona school she had a special announcement for a little boy that she flew many miles to see. 

Porter also surprised her other five-year-old son Bryce at the Crown Charter School via FaceTime. She often spoke to her children through FaceTime, but this time she revealed to Bryce that she was outside of his school.

Bryce ran out to greet his mother. 

Crown Charter School Principal Janis Ramirez was more than happy to help with the surprise. “To see him reunite with his mother who I know he just loves, it was just a memorable moment that we were happy to be a part of.”

This was Porter’s first deployment as a mother. She had missed her kids’ first day of school and Bryce’s kindergarten graduation. 

“To leave your kids who are used to mommy taking care, fixing meals and stuff like that, it’s completely different to not wake up and hear their voice,” Porter said.

But now she’s making up for lost time by spending quality time with her two sons and her husband Terrence Porter.