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Michigan Woman Fired After Calling FLOTUS 'Ugly Black B****' On Twitter

When your job doesn't tolerate racist behavior from their employees outside of work...
Michigan Woman Fired After Calling FLOTUS ‘Ugly Black B****’ On Twitter
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

A bitter Michigan woman has learned the hard way that social media is no place for insulting the First Lady of the United States. 

Lisa Greenwood was enjoying being a racist on Twitter when she boldly referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as an “ugly black b****” around the same time that the FLOTUS was delivering her unforgettable speech during opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday evening.  

Facebook user Michael Hicks was one of two who immediately captured screenshots of Greenwood’s derogatory comments and he later connected her Twitter handle to her Facebook page. Upon discovering that she worked as a loan officer at a local Home Point Financial mortgage lending company, Hicks blasted Greenwood for her comments, questioning how many other Black women had unknowingly been targets of her racist rhetoric. “Look at her job title,” he wrote in the accompanying caption of the screenshot on his own Facebook page. “Think of all the sh-tty things she’s done to other ‘black b—-s’ she’s encountered in her work.”  

Hicks’ post was shared nearly 8,900 times and eventually caught the attention of the the High Point Financial powers that be, who promptly announced Lisa’s termination via a statement posted to their Twitter account early Tuesday afternoon.

Good. Riddance.

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