Detroit lawmakers plan to file a lawsuit to stop Michigan’s redistricting maps that they allege cripple African American voters.

This move comes after The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission finalized its revision of the U.S. House and legislative maps. The new maps are slated to take effect this year and will be enforced until 2032, The Associated Press reported.

Although the redistricting favors the Democratic party, current and former Black state lawmakers believe the new redistricting maps violates the Voting Rights Act, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Black lawmakers have stated that the new redistricting maps eradicate a total of eight seats located in areas where the majority of the voting population is African American.

According to The Associated Press, 15 seats existed under the old maps. Two of the seats were in the U.S. House, two were in the state Senate and 11 were in the state House. However, with the new maps there are only seven seats which are all in the state House.

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Former state Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo is in support of the lawsuit and stated, “Detroit deserves to have Black leaders.”

She continued, “We want to make sure that our children have an opportunity to see themselves in the Legislature and for people that will fight for them in our classrooms, in our schools to advocate for policies.”

If the lawmakers win their lawsuit, the commission will have no choice but to amend the redistricting maps.