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Michigan Couple Charged After Wife Points Gun At Black Mother, Daughter

An alleged bump turns into a gun-drawn encounter between a Michigan couple and a Black family outside a Chipotle restaurant.

A Michigan couple is facing criminal charges following a frightening confrontation with a mother and daughter in the parking lot of a shopping center. Footage of the incident where a gun was drawn was caught on cell phone video and has been widely circulated on social media. Allegations from the mother and daughter of racial motivation by the couple come at a time of increased racial tension throughout the country.

According to the Detroit News, the now-viral exchange started with a bump outside a Chipotle restaurant in a Detroit suburb. According to the mother, Takelia Hill, and her teen daughter Makayla Green, Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, knocked into Green as the young girl was entering into the fast-food restaurant. The teen solicited an apology from Wuestenberg, but Wuestenberg allegedly refused. Green also claims that Wuestenberg began cursing at her, accusing the 15-year-old of invading her personal space.

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In a now-viral video, a Michigan couple gets into a heated exchange with a mother and daughter who claim racism plays a role in the gun-drawn encounter.

Claiming she was fearful of Wuestenberg’s response, Green says she called her mother over to better handle the situation. Moments later, the video begins rolling. Footage captures Hill confronting Wuestenberg about the alleged bump into her daughter. In the background, Green can be heard calling Wuestenberg “ignorant” and a “racist.” As the exchange elevates, Wuestenberg’s husband, Eric Wuestenberg, enters the picture and ensures his wife gets into the car safely. He also exchanges words with Hill before his wife rolls down the window to refute the claims that the couple is racist. 

While pulling out of the restaurant parking lot, Mr. Wuestenberg nearly hits Hill with his car. Hill claims the couple was trying to run her over, and that’s when things take a concerning turn. Mrs. Wuestenberg gets out of the vehicle; points her gun at Hill; and warns her to “back the f–k up,” accusing Hill of purposely trying to jump behind the car. According to numerous outlets and the attorney for Hill and Green, the mother also had two additional children present who witnessed the encounter. Mr. and Mrs. Wuestenberg were taken into custody. Both parties are said to be reeling from the incident and currently avoiding media.

Michigan Couple Charged After Wife Points Gun At Black Mother, Daughter

In addition to both Wuestenbergs being charged with felonious assault, Mr. Wuestenberg has also lost his job at Oakland University and his position on the advisory committee for Democratic Representative Elissa Slotkin’s reelection campaign. Hill has since deleted the original videos she posted on social media capturing the event. Both parties are speaking through their legal representation at this time.