Michelle Williams On What She Looks For In a Man
Getty Images

Grammy award winning singer, Michelle Williams, 33, is opening up more than usual as she promotes the upcoming release of her fourth studio album, Journey to Freedom.

In a recent HuffPost Live interview, she revealed that she’s dating someone new, but it’s too soon to put labels on it. The typically private starlet refused to elaborate on what the new man in her life is like, but she did spill the beans about what she likes in a man.

“Somebody very confident and sure, and somebody who has something going for them who’s working and you see results of the work that they’re doing,” she said. “Somebody that strives me to go a little harder.”

And, that’s not all. Williams revealed that she’s looking for a Christian man who stimulates her mind too.

“[He should have] just amazing regular conversation,” she shared. “Don’t try to do no pickup lines. Don’t try to be clever. Just say, ‘Hey, how you doing today?’”

If the new guy in her life doesn’t work out, don’t expect Williams to be on the hunt for a replacement anytime soon.

“I’m not looking,” she says. “Look for me…I’m a little old-fashioned still.”

Oh, and Mr. Right, Williams adds, should be employed with benefits and the means to take her out to nice places too.

“I’ve worked for all of those things, so you have to have those things [too],” Williams insisted.