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Michelle Obama to Olympians: Have Fun & Win!

The First Lady says she is "beyond proud" of team USA.
Michelle Obama is in London in full Olympics mode today. The First Lady met with many Team USA athletes over breakfast this morning telling them to have fun, but win!

According to People, Mrs. Obama chatted with basketball, fencing, track and field team members, telling them, “Some of my fondest memories growing up and as an adult involve watching the Olympics on TV. My family would sit together for hours watching these men and women perform feats of endurance and speed that would have us cheering at the top of our lungs.”

For Mrs. Obama, leading the team delegation at tonight’s opening ceremony is more than just an honor, it’s a loving reminder of her father’s fight against MS. The debilitating disease left him on crutches. “The Olympics for him was a special time for him to watch amazing athletes perform on the world stage,” said the First Lady. “You never know who you are inspiring: from a family in the South Side of Chicago to a young athlete going to pick up a soccer ball or start running after watching something you all do.”

Above all, the First Lady wants Team USA to succeed and bring home the goal despite the stress and intense spotlight. “We are proud of you all,” she concluded. “Try to have some fun. Try to breath and take it in. But also win!”

Will you be watching Sanya Richards Ross, Candace Parker, Gabby Douglas and more vie for the gold?

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