Michelle Obama Leads 6,000 Kids in Workout Routine
Getty Images

Yesterday, Michelle Obama led 6,000 Chicago kids in an unforgettable exercise routine. According to USA Today, Serena Williams and Jordin Sparks were on hand for the event promoting the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign, now in its third year.

The massive workout in the Windy City was part of the First Lady’s two-day tour promoting the initiative. Mrs. Obama recently announced a partnership with Nike, who provided $50 million toward the campaign, allowing schools to apply for grants to improve their physical education programs. Ultimately, the goal is to get students of all ages moving for an hour a day.

“You listen to me—you’ve got to turn off the TV, move away from the screen, you’ve got to keep your body active, even if that means just turning on some music and dancing for an hour,” said Mrs. Obama to the kids. “Do a little Dougie, a few jumping jacks, some push-ups. And you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be healthy. You just have to move. That’s how you’ll prepare your bodies and your minds for greatness.”

Earlier this week, Mrs Obama revealed to B. Smith that it wasn’t easy getting her own kids involved in eating healthy. That lifestyle change inspired the White House kitchen garden. “Because I saw how much a difference it makes when kids are involved in the planting and the harvesting and the purchasing and the preparation of the foods they eat. It really fundamentally changes their approach to what they eat and what they’ll be willing to eat.”

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