Michelle Obama thought she and her family were headed to Stuart Hobson Middle School to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. yesterday. Little did she know she would be the center of attention for a few moments in the Washington, D.C. school’s cafeteria as attendees surprised her with an enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” song.

The First Lady — who celebrated her 47th birthday yesterday — was taken aback. Hugging her youngest daughter Sasha from behind, she said, “All right, let’s get to work. This is embarrassing.”

The group did get to work, painting “dancing fruit” on pillars and crafting other projects with the help of mentors brought together by the Greater DC Cares Mentoring Matters Initiative.

Later, President Obama told reporters, “This is just an outstanding program, an example of what Martin Luther King’s birthday should be all about. … Michelle and I and the girls are extraordinarily proud that each year on Martin Luther King’s Birthday this is how we celebrate is making sure we’re giving back to the community.”

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