Testimony resumed today after court recessed for the weekend. This morning doctors took the stand to share what information they knew about Dr. Conrad Murray’s practices and what actually happened when Jackson arrived to the hospital.

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Dr. Richelle Cooper, an emergency room doctor testified that Jackson was “clinically dead” when he arrived. “He did not have a pulse… he had signs of a dying heart,” she told attorneys according to WCIT12.

The doctor admitted to the court that based on the information she was given about Jackson that she felt it appropriate to call a time of death, despite allowing Dr. Murray to “assume control” and allow him to continue to try to resuscitate Jackson.

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As for the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson was not in court today. She was in Canada with Jackson’s two kids for the opening of Cirque du Soleil’s show dedicated to the late King of Pop. Mrs. Jackson is not expected to be back in court until the 10th of October.


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