If you ever wanted to see MJ’s Neverland Ranch, here’s your chance. Some of the rides from the pop-star’s beloved amusement park may be available for rent, TMZ reports. Butler Amusements, a company based in northern California, currently has six different attractions from MJ’s Ranch. One attraction is permanently installed at the California State Fair & Exposition in Sacramento, CA but the other five rides, could be yours for a day. Just watch out for the fees — a trip with the King of Pop isn’t really cheap! A Balloon Samba merry-go ride starts at $8,500 and requires one day in advance for set-up. MJ’s Lolli Swing, a large swing set with a clown in the center, starts at $5,000 a day and his mini jeeps that are about toddler-sized cost the same price. How much would you pay for a piece of Neverland Ranch? Are the rides worth the price?