The tragic details of Michael Jackson’s death are slowly being revealed now that a preliminary hearing is underway in Los Angeles for his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Members of the Jackson family, including his mother, father and sisters La Toya and Janet all attended the hearing, which began this week…

Some of the trial’s shocking testimony came from the King of Pop’s former head of security, Faheem Muhammed, who claimed that on the day of his death, Dr. Murray didn’t appear to know how to administer CPR to MJ. “Does anyone now CPR?” Muhammed recalled Murray asking. “I looked at Alberto [Alvarez, a bodyguard] because we knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so we were shocked,” Muhammed added.

Alvarez added that MJ’s children witnessed their father dying as Murray tried to resuscitate him. “Paris screamed, ‘Daddy,’ and she started crying,” said Alvarez.

Earlier this week the Jackson family released a statement to TMZ saying that MJ had predicted his own death. The statement was in response to Murray’s defense lawyers planning to claim that MJ took his own life, and his death was not Murray’s fault. “What is incredibly ironic is that Michael told his mother shortly before he died that he thought someone was going to kill him… and they were going to kill him for his [Sony] catalog,” it read.

Dr. Murray has plead not guilty, but admitted to giving MJ propofol, a surgical anesthetic Jackson used as a sleep aid for chronic insomnia. If there is enough evidence against him, the 57-year-old physician will go on trial for involuntary manslaughter.


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