Police Investigating Cause of Fire at Michael Brown Memorial Site
AP Images
A memorial created at the death site of Michael Brown was found in ashes Tuesday morning, upsetting residents nearby. “I think it may have been somebody trying to push our buttons, seeing what we are going to do next,” Brown’s cousin Sabrina Webb told KMOV. The news site reports that police think the memorial’s candles are what caused the fire and not foul play. In a statement Ferguson Police Department Chief Jackson said that his officers are trying to obtain more information on the incident to determine what happened. Ferguson residents have already rebuilt the memorial by placing a white sheet over the ashes and adding new sentimental items on top. “To anyone who believes we didn’t do everything in our power to put this fire out I want to apologize and let you know that was not the case,” said read Chief Jackson in his statement. “Anyone who has any information or videos please reach out to us as this will help as we investigate this incident.”

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