We Bet You Can’t Watch This Meteorologist And His Friend Dancing Without Cracking A Smile
Facebook/Meteorologist Ted Phaeton

Meteorologist Ted Phaeton just took weather reporting to the next level with his friend Charles Russ and the #tzanthemchallenge. 

In a video posted to Facebook, which has since gone viral, the two men kick up the weather report a notch with some stellar dance moves. The meteorologist for FOX Carolina in Greenville, South Carolina told The Grio that he wanted to find a new fun and creative way to present the news. 

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Phaeton and Russ, a financial planner, have created videos together before. Phaeton said he initially thought Russ was kidding about making a video for the weather report, but eventually, the two moved on with the idea. Recalling the conversation that led to the idea, Phaeton said, “I told him it was going to be nice the next day and he said, ‘Why don’t you let me know when it’s actually going to be nice out with a ‘Sunshine Alert?'”

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Phaeton says the creative services department was very supportive about the idea. Russ, who also has two twin teenage boys, said that he wanted to share an image of carefree black men.

“I hate to open up social media and see hours of negativity and nothing positive. I also want my kids to see it’s okay to have fun in this world and still be professional and classy.”

Phaeton added, “It sheds another light on men of color. To be able to dance and be myself and show that I am an authority and know my stuff when it comes to the weather… It’s not ignoring what’s going on, but it’s combating it with positivity.”